The DeFilippis Family Crest is more to us than just an element of our logo. Each component of the crest represents a part of our philosophy and impacts how we do business.

Family First: Putting our family crest into our company logo represents the importance of family to all of us at DeFilippis Financial Group® LLC. We consider our clients to be an extension of our family, and we make sure our actions align with that belief.

Knowledge: The dragon atop the helmet symbolizes the spirit and guardian of all knowledge. Our unique ability to integrate decades of tax knowledge with your investment strategy allows us to enact a more thorough approach that will help you achieve your long-term financial goals. We are also committed to continually investing in our education, so you can be confident that our guidance is leading you in an appropriate and well-considered direction.

Protection: The shield within the crest represents protection, which we aim to do with both tax strategies and wealth management strategies. Through tax strategies, insurance products, accumulation strategies, and income replacement options, we work diligently to help ensure you and your loved ones are protected, regardless of what circumstances may arise.

These values guide our actions as we work with you through each stage of your financial life. We will ensure we remain informed about your situation so we make the appropriate adjustments to your investment strategy. At DeFilippis Financial Group® LLC, we believe success is best measured not just by your financial health, but by how confident you are about your financial future. Our goal is to be your trusted partner from now throughout your retirement years.