• Should I call your office if I’m running late?

    Yes, please contact us as soon as you realize you will be late for your appointment. Clients arriving 10 minutes or more after their scheduled appointment time will be considered late. After completing the 10 minute check-in process you could be over 20 minutes late for your scheduled appointment. We have gone to great lengths to minimize any wait time in our office and make your visit as efficient as possible. Consequently, we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment, based on availability, if you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment time. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  • What do you charge for a tax consultation

    We schedule consultations for a minimum of one hour and charge an hourly rate. Tax consultations are most often scheduled for estimating/forecasting tax liability and tax planning purposes. We do not schedule appointments to review self-prepared tax returns. Consultations are scheduled during the months of May through January. All fees are payable by cash or check at the time of service. Call or email our office for more information.

  • What do you charge to review a completed return?

    Since our tax professionals must go through the same process whether they are completing a new return, amending or reviewing a return for you, we do not review completed returns. We will prepare your tax return or an amended return. We charge by the form. Your cost will vary depending upon the complexity of your tax return. Please call our office and request a quote.

  • How long do you keep my client tax records at your office?

    In general, we are required by law to keep copies of your tax returns for three years. In some instances we have been able to keep client tax returns and supporting documents in electronic format beyond the required three-year period but this cannot be guaranteed in all cases.