Don't Miss Out on the Invest in Kids Illinois Income Tax Credit

Beginning with tax year 2018, Illinois taxpayers who are approved to participate in the Invest in Kids program can receive a state income tax credit in the amount of 75% of their total qualified contributions made to one or more Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) during a taxable year. These income tax credits cannot exceed $1M per taxpayer, per year.  If you claim this tax credit, you cannot claim any portion of the contribution as a federal income tax deduction.

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Vote No on Illinois' Proposed Amendment to Implement a Graduated Income Tax

On November 3, 2020, you and I will have the opportunity to significantly impact Illinois’ fiscal destiny and, as a result, your fate, and that of your neighbors.  Yes, it is a heavy responsibility that has been thrust upon us. This will be one of the most important votes we ever cast. Given this importance, I have set out to educate you before you cast your ballot.

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